Buying a Pharmacy Workshop

Before buying a pharmacy, it is wise to give consideration to what type of pharmacy will meet your goals. You will also need to identify the different opportunities available to you to purchase a business and the manner in which to approach these.

When you have chosen a pharmacy to consider buying, you will need to be able to assess if the business will meet your goals and if it does, you will need to know how to submit an offer on the business and where to source finance from.
You will also need to understand the intricate process between having your offer accepted and the day you become the proprietor of the pharmacy.
Dale Williams, our Pharmacy Broker, offers a two-day workshop after which you will have a thorough understanding of the procedures involved in buying your pharmacy. This workshop is ideally suited to pharmacists buying their first business. With the insights you achieve from the workshop, you will be able to make a more informed decision about the business you are buying and therefore be more confident that you are buying the right business for you.
You will also have the opportunity to learn further skills during the workshop including:
  • Goal setting
  • Developing a business plan
  • Preparing a cash flow budget
  • Sourcing and maintaining a support network
  • Presentation skills
  • Research skills
For further information on the Buying a Pharmacy workshops, please call  Dale on 02 9817 7096 
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