Pharmacy Partnerships

Are you a pharmacy proprietor and considering selling your pharmacy but not ready to take that step for a few more years yet? Would you like to be able to spend more time with your family and/or take longer holidays? Would you like the opportunity to work less hours or take on another interest outside your day-to-day business commitments?

Are you a pharmacy buyer and considering buying a pharmacy but perhaps you don't have the funds to buy the type of business that meets your requirements? Do you want to increase your business management knowledge and learn from an experienced business owner?
As a solution to your needs you may consider entering into a short or long-term partnership.
Partnerships can be formed using various structures. For example, an incoming partner may initially buy 50% of the business and then, within an agreed period, purchase the other 50%. Alternatively, the incoming partner may initially buy 25% or 20% of the business and, each year over the next four or five years, increase their share of the business. With a partnership, the time managing the business can be shared by the partners equally or the incoming partner may want to work more hours to earn more income.
Dale Williams, our Pharmacy Broker, will discuss your requirements with you and will offer suggestions we consider best to suit your circumstances. After you have discussed these suggestions with your financial and legal advisors, we can access our database of pharmacy buyers to find a suitable business partner for you.
Please call Dale  on 02 9817 7096 for more details
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