Business Valuations

Business Valuations, Business Appraisals, Estimates of Sale price

Essentially, they all mean the same thing. Depending on the reason you need a valuation, the scope of the valuation may change. For example, a valuation for a family law matter will involve a higher degree of reporting by the valuer than that of a valuation for internal business assessment purposes.

In the first instance, we establish with you the purpose of the valuation. The scope of the valuation will be based on the business type, the available documentation, and the purpose and intended use of the valuation report.

Cornerstone Business Sales & Valuations has a number of highly experienced and qualified business valuers on staff who can work with you.

One of the big mistakes we see other valuers and accountants make is purely valuing the business based on the financial aspects of the business. The non-financial aspects of any business play a very important role in determining value.


Experience makes the difference in determining the value of small to medium enterprises


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