Cornerstone Business Sales & Valuations are specialists in the sale of childcare centres.

Cornerstone’s Managing Director Stephen Wray has also owned and operated numerous childcare centres and sold hundreds over the last 20 years.

Childcare Centres

What makes them tick?
I laugh when someone tells me they are all priced based on the license number of the centre. Yes, it may be right, that we record the price to license number, as a statistic, however, I can tell you that not all 50 place centres sell for the same price. Not all 90 place sell for the same price! I have sold 20 place centres for a much higher price than a 90 place centre.

There are a lot more aspects to this industry than the number of children you have in the centre.

Like all business valuations, you need to consider both the financial & the non-financial aspects of a business.
Understanding what to look for and what information is important will help you purchase the right business.

Our experience can help you understand the pros and cons of each business.
Over the years we have seen too many businesses selling for too high or too low a price, all because of the wrong valuation or market appraisal.